Gallery Texel Woodart

Short Biography

Texel  Sheep in Wood

Gallery Texel Woodart was  opened on the 29th of December,2019.The Gallery was therefore the first on Texel,where all wood products are made purely by hand and are exhibited at the same time.

Piet de Bruin is Woodartist/Designer.Together with his wife Lia,they are the owners of Gallery Texel Woodart in Midden-Eierland.Lia de Bruin is responsible for the p.r&sales of their Gallery.

Piet de Bruin was born in 1957 in Bussum(Het Gooi),he grew up in the nearby "Spanderswoud",that turned out to be the cradle of his great love for Flora&Fauna.His knowledge of the tree kingdom and wood species developed from childhood on.Piet is self-taught and has developed over the years into an excellent craftsman and wood artist.

His sculptures,lamps and garden benches are always first formed with the chainsaw.Then numerous tools are used to complete the work of art.Every work of art is unique and all year round,the visitors&buyers can be extremely surprised by the diversity of sculptures and lamps.Gallery Texel Woodart,is a dream come true!

Over the years,thousands of visitors have found their way to the Gallery.The Gallery has built a reputation,that proves to be consistent and enduring.

It goes without saying,that this couple dares to take on any teamwork,their cooperation is the key to success.

Great Gratitude is in order!

Piet de Bruin,often works on commission.This means,that everyone,can see his or her personal wish,often fulfilled.

And that................distinguishes...........This Passionate Woodartist!